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Sean Paul secures the future of music at Alpha Institute

Sean Paul poses for a quick picture in front the Alpha Institute building which displays their school motto “Upward and Onward”.
Sean Paul poses for a quick picture in front the Alpha Institute building which displays their school motto “Upward and Onward”.

Jamaica based, Grammy Award winning artiste Sean Paul is actively securing a bright future for young Jamaicans through his partnership with the Alpha Institute.

Following a recent tour of the school premises formerly known as the Alpha Boys School, the multi- platinum, recording artiste was able to see where his donation of over $1.5 million was used in the development of the studio and rooms under the Music Technology Department.

Now to be called the Sean Paul Henriques Media Centre, the department houses a skills training centre for its students in Music and Technology and now has a high-grade studio.

Sean Paul is heartened by the realities of who joined him on the tour over their Christmas break. Music Technology students Sajay Waton, also called DJ Wrist expressed great joy to be able to interact with and receive musical advice from the artiste. His joy, however, was surpassed by his class mate Roshard ‘DJ Rushian’ Henry who was elated to have Sean Paul voice a quick jingle over a riddim he produced in class.

The students were comfortable sharing their experiences, highlighting the changes the programme has made for them. “I used to be so angry, everyone in the community, in my family, even if you didn’t know me, you could see that anger. But coming here, I just do my music and I have people to talk to here. Now, being DJ Rushian I have a purpose and I spread joy to other people through my music. If you look at my batch, DJ Wrist can go out on weekends and earn money, we are professionals and it’s thanks to this programme,” expressed Roshard Henry in his talk with Sean Paul, administrators of the school and his Music Technology classmates.

The charitable organization was grateful for the artiste’s donations and subsequent visit. Reverend Don McDowell, the Audio Engineering Instructor looks forward to the student’s realizing successes and great achievements as a result of Sean Paul’s contributions.

“They are taking initiative and demonstrating responsibility and respect for the space and technical activities inside of it. I've seen their morale increase which I attribute to their love for the music technology and career they see themselves stepping into,” McDowell expressed with great pride in reference to the first set of students to sit this programme who are now sitting their third and final year.

Sean Paul continues to support initiatives geared at improving lives, over the years the artiste has donated to the Maxfield Children’s Home, National Children’s Home and the Father Holung & Friends charities among others.

Sean Paul and his fans look to an action-packed 2017 with singles already topping charts, a highly anticipated music video and an album in waiting.

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